QUARAN TINA | Lil Lennox ft Jeybie

QUARAN TINA | Lil Lennox ft Jeybie

They said I should be at home but I cant stay alone, called her to home,
All I want having some fun, get it done but now I need to run,
Questions turn in my mind, trying 2K grind but never mind,
Cant take my eyes off her, she coughs like squirts, clearly hurts,
I heard these up in the news, she there zees, brings too many risks,
Like the cannabis leaves, she wanna reach to my lung, hitting like gun!
Now getting close to door, we in a war, have to rescue them all,
Got the keys and ball, sayonara gal, time to go!

I have no Coronavirus!
Just a flu!
And I can get it through!
Tellin you really truth!
We wont die!
You can give me a hug!

Her name is Quaran Tina!
A kind of bomb!
Somebody get her defused!
Dont want to be on the news!
I cant die!
Better just stop to lie!

It is so wild and out nobody around like a ghosty town,
Only zombies scout, celebrating loud underground,
Here I lookin for right door, lifts dont work so weirdo,
Find a way at stairs, she behind in heels also mad tho,
Corona not a debate, dont underestimate, can leave you dead,
Asians dont have a hate, maybe they created, we have that fate,
Here I got to my car, free like Kunta Kinte,
Please tell me all lie, leave me alone I need that!

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