L-LEAGUE Conflictions

For any kind of confliction during the tournament, Players can open a case by filling the Confliction Report below (You should Login to see the form).

  • If players do not enter Match Proof before the deadline explained in League Table then it is a Forfeit Lose (3-0).
  • If one of the sides can not connect to game for more than 3 tries then it is a Forfeit Lose (3-0).
  • If any of the sides disconnected while the score 0:0 then the game has to be restarted.
  • If one of the sides scored before disconnection then the game will be played again as long as remaining time, and previously scored goals will be added on final result.
  • All players have to record full games and disconnection screens as a proof to show whenever L-League adminisration ask them to submit.
  • L-League administration reserves full rights to judge on issues and determine further penalties depending on players attitudes, reliability of proofs and special cases.
  • All conflictions have to be reported within 24 hours from the time incidence occured. Reports after 24 hours will not take effect.