FRIENDLY WIN / FIFA 21 / Online Friendlies / Playstation

Tournament No: Friendly Win
Game / Mode: FIFA 21 / Online Friendlies
Platform: Playstation 4
Players: No restriction
Locations: No restriction
Age: +16
Registration: Open
Match Deadline: Friday at 22:00 (CET)
Match Proof Deadline: Saturday at 22:00 (CET)


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Rewards Pool Worth

10 Win Streak 9 Win Streak 8 Win Streak
7 Win Streak 6 Win Streak 5 Win Streak
4 Win Streak 3 Win Streak 2 Win Streak



  • Games will be played as single match and if draw then second match will be played. Home team should win the 2nd match. If sides draw again at 2nd match then Away team counts win the matchup.
  • Both sides will play with the same FIFA regular teams. The team selection for each match will be announced in L-League DISCORD Server before the match start.
  • According to recent Win Streak the overall rating of the selected Team can vary from 5 to 0,5 Stars.
  • Every player who registered to tournament should have a DISCORD account and add friend to LLEAGUE#9211 for DISCORD Server invite. All communications related to tournament will be followed in DISCORD.
  • The winner holds position in tournament and set as the Home Team.
  • The Home Team is responsible to create Online Friendlies, invite opponent and share stream link of each match.
  • The player who lost the match is eliminated and should register again to enter tournament. Players will have chance to show up in tournament in order to their registration date.
  • Player will have rights to earn rewards depending on their Win Streak. At each Reward Level, holder Player should decide to receive the reward or playing the next game to reach higher rewards.
  • If the player select playing next game to increase Win Streak then do not have any rights to claim for passed rewards.
  • If a player achieve 10 Win Streak then earn the biggest Reward!
  • Reward pool may chance by time depending on new sponsorship additions.
  • Games should start before the time revealed at Match Deadline. If sides agree then they can play their game before the Match Deadline. Weekly match-up schedule will be announced in L-League DISCORD server at least 24 hours before the Match Deadline.
  • Both sides should submit MATCH PROOF after the game at the following link . Match Proof should be submitted lately 24 hours after the Match Deadline. If a player does not submit Match Proof before the deadline then it is a Forfeit Lose and Elimination. Match Proof Media have to include a video of Full Match, Result, Player ID’s and Player Performances screen for both home and away teams.


  • Half Length: 6 minutes
  • Controls: Any
  • Game Speed: Normal
  • Squad Type: Online
  • Difficulty Level: Legendary
  • Defending: Tactical Defending
  • All kind of manipulations on default teams and players are forbidden and will result in severe penalties


  1. Add your opponent as a friend
  2. Start FIFA
  3. Go to the Online tab
  4. Select ‘Online Friendlies’
  5. Select the game settings as explained in “Game Settings” section
  6. Invite your opponent
  7. Start the match


  • L-LEAGUE holds rights to use and share all participants match results, live streams and related social media contents.
  • L-LEAGUE may request players to stream their games at TWITCH or YOUTUBE, so all players must have an active TWITCH or YOUTUBE account and should be able to stream in good quality and share stream links whenever requested by L-LEAGUE administration.
  • If players can not agree about streaming then Home player on each match have to share the game on TWITCH or YOUTUBE.
  • If the Home player refuse to stream or stream quality is poor then it is a Forfeit Lose and elimination.
  • L-LEAGUE may requests to set some of the games starting time according to Official L-LEAGUE streams to include them in streaming program. Players are already accepted this condition by registering to tournament.
  • L-LEAGUE may requests players to share tournament related contents in their social media accounts. All players must have an active INSTAGRAM or FACEBOOK account to satisfy this condition.
  • Players have to include #CashClasher #LLeague #LLCeSports #LilLennox tags to all related social media shares for traceability and follow up.


For any kind of confliction during the tournament, Players can open a ticket by filling the Confliction Report below (You should Login to see the form).

  • Any of the sides that does not shown at Match Time will get a Forfeit Lose and eliminated. Players have to show proof of they were ready at deadline. If both sides does not show up then they both get eliminated.
  • If one of the sides can not connect to game for more than 3 tries then it is a Forfeit Lose and eliminated.
  • If any of the sides disconnected while the score even and there is no advantageous condition at that moment (Such as penalty kick or one-on-one opportunity) then the game has to be restarted. If the disconnection occured during an advantageous condition then sides have right to open a Confliction Ticket.
  • If one of the sides scored and leading the game before disconnection then the game will be played again and previously scored goals will be added on final result. If total scores are even then one more match will be played.
  • If one of the sides disconnect two times then it is a Forfeit Lose and eliminated.
  • If a player quit at will and leave the match before end then it is a Forfeit Lose, eliminated and banned from all L-League organizations.
  • Forfeit Loses and Eliminations before a match start does not count for a Win Streak. If the Forfeit Lose and Elimination occurred after a started match then L-League administration will decide if it will count for a Win Streak or not.
  • All players have to record full games and disconnection screens as a proof to show whenever L-League administration ask them to submit.
  • L-League administration reserves full rights to judge on issues and determine further penalties depending on players attitudes, reliability of proofs and special cases.
  • All conflictions have to be reported within 24 hours from the time incident occurred. Reports after 24 hours will not take effect.

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