2K PAYBACK | Lil Lennox

2K PAYBACK | Lil Lennox

Ayyo 2K!
You ruined my life!
You know why?
Ok just let me explain…

I’ve been playing this since 2K1,
When AI was the cover and it was all fun,
Then things got weird, made me to grind,
That game locked me in and I couldn’t run,

Addicted to the game mama thought I am diseased,
Spending more hours on each series released,
All I do is win, no school no sleep,
Just ball in my mind, leave ‘em boys got swept,

2K10 changed it to another level,
Got Kobe on cover, I was pro-gaming devil,
Online modes on, balling whole day in zone,
Pro-Am, playground, walk-on, kill em all,

I’am OG, Old Gamer, Lil Lennox is riddle,
2K stole my life, getting drafted is vital,
Now it is time for PAYBACK!


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